Pears Red Anjou

Briermere Farms OR Milk Pail

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Approx 1-6 pcs per pound

Conventionally grown

Red D’Anjou Pears are a medium-sized variety, with a slightly egg-shaped appearance. They have a short, squat body and almost no neck typical of a pear. The smooth, firm skin can range in color from deep red, maroon, rust-colored, to a lighter, crimson red with occasional striations and is covered in lenticels or pores. The flesh is white to cream-colored, dense, and buttery with a slightly gritty texture. When ripe, Red Anjou Pears are juicy and soft with subtle, sweet flavors and mild notes of lemon and lime.

Our pears are from either Briermere Farms in Riverhead or the Milk Pail in Water Mill.

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