Rome Apples

Briermere Farms OR Milk Pail

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Approx. 1-6 pcs per pound

Conventionally grown

Rome Apples are medium to large in size with smooth skin, a yellow base that is almost completely covered in light red striping and deep red blush. There are also many white lenticels or pores covering the surface. The flesh is cream-colored to a pale white and is firm, crisp, and dense with many small dark brown to black seeds encased in the central fibrous core. Rome apples are crunchy and offer a mild, sweet, and tangy flavor with a slightly floral aroma.

Excellent for cooking, saucing, freezing, and baking as these superb apples retain their shape and tart flavor beautifully when cooked.

Our apples are from either Briermere Farms in Riverhead or the Milk Pail in Water Mill.

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